Termite Control

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Did You Know…
Termites are active all year round, but are most often seen when they begin to swarm between late March and early June. Annually, these pests cause more damage to homes and other structures than fires and storms combined! Termite protection causes such financial loss, in fact, that treatment and prevention is required in all new construction.

The Facts
• On new construction, we work with builders and general contractors to pre-treat the new buildings as required by the building codes.
• Properties more than one year old need to be inspected and treated for termites or termite prevention every year.
• It is also a legal requirement during the selling or refinancing process of a home that a termite inspection be performed. We are happy to offer this service to you in and around Greensboro, NC.

At Triad Pest Control, we guarantee that you will never have to worry about termites again after our termite control services. We will ensure your home or business is protected inside and out and will advise you on how to keep them away down the road.

Our Termite Control Service
Offering a Termite Bond Guarantee, we provide annual inspections to ensure there is no active termite infestation in or around the structure. If we do find any evidence of termites and we have already treated your property within the past 12 months, we will provide additional termite control services at no additional cost. Additionally under this plan, if, after treatment, any future damage done to your property will be covered by us at no charge.

Evidence of termite infestation and damage can drastically reduce the value of a home or business. By protecting yourself with our inspection and termite control services, you are protecting a very important investment. If you are in Greater NC, Greater SC, or Greater VA, call us today to learn how we can treat your home or business and keep it protected with termite control and prevention.