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About Us - Over 27 Years Strong

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Our Company
Family owned and operated for 33 years, Triad Pest Control has been the favored solution for all areas of insect and rodent control services in Greensboro. As we grow, we have expanded our service area to include all of Greater North Carolina, Greater South Carolina, and Greater Virginia. No matter where you’re located in the tri-state area, when it comes to pest control, we’ve got you covered!

Why We Take Pest Control Seriously
Pests of all kinds can cause property damage as well as health concerns. Mice and rat droppings can get into your food and dishes, exposing you and your family to over 30 different illnesses and diseases, including salmonella, hantavirus, leptospirosis and “rat-bite fever.” Larger invaders like possums and raccoons, among others, can carry rabies which, if transmitted, can result in people having to get a series of painful shots. We aim to keep your family safe from these problems and give you peace of mind.

Our Techniques
At Triad Pest Control, we use green solutions that not only help protect your home or business, but also the environment. All of our pest control methods are safe for use around pets and children, so no one in your building will be exposed to harmful chemicals. We have always used environmentally friendly techniques to keep your home and property pest-free. Call or e-mail us today for all your pest control needs!