Rodent Control

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Rodent Control - Quick And Effective

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Rats and mice are the most common rodents that enter the home to feed, nest and breed. They carry a plethora of diseases that are transmittable to humans and can become aggressive when overpopulated. This aggressiveness translates into the scratching and biting that spreads many diseases. Beyond this, their feces, which are often found in dish cabinets, on or near food, and in common living areas, also carry salmonella and other harmful illnesses which are easily picked up by people.

Other unwanted rodents can invade your home as well, including:
• Squirrels
• Raccoons
• Possums
• Bats
• Birds

Our certified pest control experts are keen at locating any evidence of unwanted wildlife in your home, and our rodent control services are effective at identifying entry areas and removing the animals. We will even go as far as to remove chimney caps to clear chimneys of bats and birds that may be nesting within the stack. Our rodent control services are engineered to provide complete eradication of all unwanted rodents and their habitats, preventing their return.

If you are concerned about chemicals in the process, please don’t be. We use only environmentally friendly and humane rodent control methods and every technique we employ is safe and organic. No toxic chemicals will enter your home, only rodents will leave. Depending on the rodent control problem you are experiencing, we may use bait, traps, or both. Contact Triad Pest Control as soon as you notice a problem to receive the best rodent control service in Greater NC, Greater SC and Greater VA!